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  • Shooting the Kodak Bantam

    I stopped up the last pinhole in the bellows of my Kodak Bantam 4.5 model and ran some TMAX 100 through it. The image quality showed some definite improvement without the light leaks.  The Anastigmat Special lens on this camera is the same as the one on the later Flash model, but it lacks the […]

  • the weather

    The weatherman was threatening low temps and snow, so we decided to get out for a short bike ride.  We drove down to the ponds at Tingley Beach.  Margaret took along a spare loaf of bread that didn't make it into the turkey.  The ducks and geese were appreciative of the gesture.

  • Ojito

    I had a fine walk yesterday in the Ojito Wilderness about forty minutes north of Albuquerque.

  • B-47

    The Nuclear Museum in Albuquerque has recently added a B-47 to its outdoor exhibit space.  The aircraft was the first U.S. operational jet bomber.  It was very close in length and wingspan to the WWII B-29, but the performance capabilities provided by the jet engines were truly revolutionary. Specifications (B-29)First flight: 21 Sept. 1942Crew: 11Length: […]

  • Questions

    If you tell someone in the course of a conversation that you are a photographer, there are a couple of questions that are likely to follow.  The most common is probably “What do you like to take pictures of?”.  Not very good English, perhaps, but that is usually the way it is phrased. My answer […]

  • End to End

    Albuquerque's BioPark is anchored on the north end by the Botanical Garden and the Aquarium, and on the south end by the Zoo.  I got to both with my Ikonta 520.  The fishing boat is moored permanently in an artificial lagoon at the Aquarium. The Zoo's new star is little Jazmine.  According to the keeper, […]

  • museum pieces

    I liked my Kodak Flash Bantam so much that I decided to get the earlier model Bantam without the flash capability so I could compare the two closely related cameras. Aside from the flash capability the differences between the two cameras are mostly cosmetic.  Production of the f4.5 Bantam started up in 1938, but the […]

  • Marigold Special

    The little Kodak Flash Bantam represents one of the all-time high points in camera design.  The designers took the best aspects of 50 years of small camera experience and combined them with the 828 roll film format to produce a camera of unparalleled compactness and full-featured quality. To shoot the Day of the Dead Marigold […]