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  • Goodbye to Craig

    Craig Nelson was a fine photographer and a fine fellow. He had an insatiable urge to connect with other people which fueled his development as a photographer.  He shared his passions freely, enriched many lives and left behind an inspiring body of work. CE Nelson at Flickr Tributes to Craig at Nelsonfoto Forums

  • Shooting the Kodak Bantam

    I stopped up the last pinhole in the bellows of my Kodak Bantam 4.5 model and ran some TMAX 100 through it. The image quality showed some definite improvement without the light leaks.  The Anastigmat Special lens on this camera is the same as the one on the later Flash model, but it lacks the […]

  • the weather

    The weatherman was threatening low temps and snow, so we decided to get out for a short bike ride.  We drove down to the ponds at Tingley Beach.  Margaret took along a spare loaf of bread that didn't make it into the turkey.  The ducks and geese were appreciative of the gesture.

  • Ojito

    I had a fine walk yesterday in the Ojito Wilderness about forty minutes north of Albuquerque.