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  • technique

    Our yearly neighborhood parade provides the opportunity to grab some shots of our neighbors, as well as the chance to experiment with a variety of photographic techniques. I chose this year to photograph the event with my Mamiya 135 telephoto attached to my trusty old Pentax Spotmatic.  The 135 is a big help for getting […]

  • lean and mean

    The Soviet-era Sukhoi S-26 has been dominating aerobatic competitions since 1984. There were many different light sport aircraft at the Double Eagle field show on Saturday.  It is nice to have a reminder in this age of jumbo jets and terrorist threats that the real dream of flight still lives on.

  • copper chopper

    My Patent Etui is performing well, but requires some care in use. As with any of the ruby-windowed cameras, it is important to only open the frame counting view port briefly while advancing the film, and that must be done away from direct sunlight.  Even with strong reading glasses it can be difficult to discern […]

  • Fly-in

    We enjoyed a light plane air show this morning at Albuquerque's Double Eagle Airport.

  • David Burnett

    Making history on film. The photojournalist, David Burnett, is on assignment for Time Magazine, photographing the campaign of Michelle Bachelet for the Chilean presidency. Included in his kit is a seventy-year-old Speed Graphic and a Holga, which he famously used in the U.S. Election of 2000.  I seldom read Time these days outside of visits […]