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  • Another German Kodak

    I recently acquired another Kodak Duo Six-20 Series II.  This one has the older Compur shutter with a 1/300 top speed coupled to a Carl Zeiss Jena f3.5 Tessar lens. The camera arrived in good cosmetic and functional condition and required only a superficial cleaning to ready it for a test run.  I re-rolled some […]

  • sawmill village

    Sawmill Village is a recently erected apartment complex that resemble several others that have sprung up around central Albuquerque.  The site was occupied early in the Nineteenth Century by a huge sawmill, hence the  name. Salient design features include bright colors and exposed duct work.  The Sawmill site also incorporates some artifacts presumably salvaged from […]

  • dolly

    I shot a roll of TMAX 400 in my Dolly Super-Sport after doing a little work on the shutter recently.  It may need a little more tuning still, but this is close enough to show some of the nice characteristics of the three-element F2.8 Trioplan lens.   I was surprised and pleased to find some […]

  • a family affair

    I had the good fortune yesterday of attending a presentation at the Hispanic Cultural Center by Dyanna Taylor, film-maker and grand-daughter of Dorothea Lange.  She showed some clips from a film she made which I believe is scheduled to show on PBS at some point soon.  There is also a book with the same title Dorothea […]

  • up and down

    Out of town visitors often provide a handy excuse to visit Albuquerque's tourist spots.  Thursday morning found us heading up to the summit of the Sandias on the tram. The temperature at the bottom was nearing sixty degrees, and it was still pretty nice when we got to the top.  However, the winds were kicking […]

  • C-41 B&W

    Digging around in my refrigerator bin for film, I found a roll of Kodak B&W 400, a C-41 film that is processed in the same chemistry as color negative film.  I shot the roll in my Kodak Retina lla and took it along with the color roll from my Vito II to Picture Perfect. Railrunner […]

  • Local Color

    The only place I know in Albuquerque that will still locally process film is Picture Perfect at the corner of Menaul and Juan Tab√≥. Picture Perfect will process any kind of film.  If you get it in early, you might get it back the same day.  They also do digital, and they will accept work […]

  • Still Special

    I took my No.1 Autographic Kodak Special to the Albuquerque train station.  The Amtrak Express was being fueled for a trip north. With its high-res Tessar lens and a snappy Wollensak Optimo shutter, this is my favorite Kodak.  I would shoot it more often were it not for a persistent light leak that I haven't […]

  • Goodbye to Craig

    Craig Nelson was a fine photographer and a fine fellow. He had an insatiable urge to connect with other people which fueled his development as a photographer.  He shared his passions freely, enriched many lives and left behind an inspiring body of work. CE Nelson at Flickr Tributes to Craig at Nelsonfoto Forums